A few of our bands include:

 Pete Dunda's Band provides a great variety as ALL of our bands do.  Pete will usually play a medley of all military branch theme songs, sometime during the evening.   As each branch is played, people dance for their particular branch.  Everyone stands clapping them on.

Dave Hudson has the Masquerade Band for our Ballroom nights and Colorado Country for a Country dance.

Rick Borger's Average German Band is NOT an average band. AND they play a wonderful variety of music.  They incorporate a lot of Big Band, Latin, Country, Swing as well as Polkas and slow and fast Waltzes.

John Turner has a magnificent trio that keeps people on the dance floor all night.

Carlos Crull is another that keeps everyone moving.  Sometimes he shows off his more than colorful socks!

Changing Times and the Springs Band are just two of our ballroom bands with a lot of big band music as well as Latin, Swing, Polkas, etc.

Atomic Fireballs is another great Country band