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We are a club for dance lovers based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have our own facility and provide all types of couples dancing. Our regular Saturday dances have an even mix of Swing, Country, Latin, Polka, Swing, and more.

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Dance Schedule

Dances are 7:00–10:00 pm
$10 for members, $12 for non-members

December 11
5:00–6:30 pm

Free line dance lessons

December 11
7:00–10:00 pm


December 18
5:00–6:30 pm

Free line dance lessons

December 18
7:00–10:00 pm

JoRiCa: Variety

December 25
5:00–6:30 pm

No free line dance lessons

December 25
7:00–10:00 pm

No Dance

PLEASE NOTE: the Ballroom Dances will be on the first Saturday of each month with all other Saturday's offering a wide arrangement of music from Big Band to Country, Latin, Polka, etc.

For additional info on any event or dance, call the club at 719-633-0195 and leave a message.

*** Club Members ONLY are allowed to bring in AND/OR consume alcohol unless there is a Special Event License for an event, in which case, we will have a cash bar and there is NO B.Y.O.B. for that evening. This is a Colorado State Law, please don't ask for an exception
NO outside beverages are to be brought in by non members.  This includes water.

Dance Lessons

We offer free beginners Line Dance Lessons every Saturday night from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.  Classes are taught by Mack and Yong Sharp.  

Our Facility

The International Dance Club is located at 2422 Busch Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

Club functions are held in our spacious ballroom which measures 43.5 feet by 100 feet. Also adjacent to the ballroom is a large full-service kitchen with a pass-through counter and a water/ice machine room.  Climate control is provided by three air conditioners plus many openable windows and doors plus several fans to keep it cool in the warmer months.  Our P.A. System can be accessed by blue tooth streaming from any smart phone or tech device.  And we maintain a very large paved parking lot for off street parking.


Some of the best bands in Colorado and some from out of state play at our dances.

Ballroom bands include:

  • The Doug Garvey Band
  • Changing Times
  • Masquerade


Other variety bands:


  • Rick Borger Band
  • Jerry Perchacz Rhinelander
  • Atomic Fireballs
  • Colorado Country
  • Doug Garvey
  • Alan Polivka
  • Barefoot Becky
  • Fugitives

Where’s the Dance Floor?

2422 Busch Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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